Continous Casting Cooling Full Cone Nozzle

Supply of liquid takes palce arially and form fine Uniform full cone spray pattern.

This type of nozzles produce a full cone spray pattern with a very uniform distribution on the entire spray surface. it consists of disc vane which can produce a full cone jet with no central hole.

Application :-

  • Spray Drying.
  • Spray Drying.
  • Metal Treating
  • Cooling & Cleaning of air and gas
  • Continaus Casting Cooling.
3/8" 26.5 10 22 21.3
Spray Angle Flow rate lpm at pressure P = 2.8 bar Connection Materials
45°, 65° 2 to 10 3/8" BSP (F) Brass, SS-304 and SS-316

Special material and connections on request.